DS-Direct Internet Security

Dah Sing Bank DS-Direct Services Security Measures

DS-Direct Services provide the following security measures to ensure your banking information and account details are secure when you are using our DS-Direct Services:

Transport Layer Security (TLS) Encryption

TLS encryption is employed to ensure confidentiality. TLS is an updated and more secure version of Secure Socket Layer (SSL). It is internationally recognized standards on information security. All data and information transmitted between you and our Bank through the Internet is encrypted by TLS encryption. When you are using e-Banking Service, to ensure your online transaction information is encrypted, please look for the 'lock icon' in the address bar of your internet browser.

Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • Your only way to access your account via DS-Direct service is to enter the correct combination of your Group ID, User ID and PIN. For security reason, your PIN will be temporarily suspended if you incorrectly key in your PIN and exceed preset maximum number of login attempt.
  • During the Internet Banking logon process, Dah Sing Bank will not ask customers to enter any numbers displayed on the web to the security device to obtain security code.

  • We also use firewalls to protect the inside of Dah Sing Bank's computer systems by refusing those entries that were unauthorized.

Automatic time out
  • DS-Direct service will be automatically logoff when there is no activity within the control time period in order to protect you against unauthorized access.

Security Team
  • To fight against computer hacker, Dah Sing Bank Security Team which keeps track to any attempts that would break into our security systems in order to ensure safe security. If you suspect there are unusual activities in your account, please promptly call the Security Incident Hotline at (852) 3101 3111 to report the incidence.

Last Logon Information
  • DS-Direct Services also provide you with the information required to be vigilant. Each time you logon, we provide information related to your last banking session. If you find any discrepancies, please contact us immediately.

Biometric Authentication service (Fingerprint/face print/app-specific Passcode Authentication/authentication token)
Bank Services relating to Faster Payment Service

By using Faster Payment Service, please pay attentions to below information:

Security Measures by Customers

To avoid unauthorized access to your account(s), you should refer to the security advice provided by the Bank from time to time and pay attention to the following points:

Take good care of your User ID, PIN and Device
The PIN of DS-Direct service is used to secure your online transactions. You shall take all reasonable steps to keep the PIN and any other device (including but not limited to personal computers, mobile devices) used for accessing DS-Direct Services safe, secure and secret to prevent fraud. In particular, you shall:

Never disclose your PIN and personal information
  • Dah Sing Bank will never contact you and ask you for your PIN and personal information for DS-Direct Services. These include your User ID, Credit Card Number, PIN, OTP, account number, identification/passport number, address, phone number etc.
  • On the other hand, Dah Sing Bank will never disclose such information in our e-mails other than your name for personalization purpose, nor ask you to confirm any personal data by replying to our email.

Protect your computer

Protect your online transactions

Alert to Email Scam
  • Email is one of the main communication channels for both personal and commercial dealings. Nowadays, fraudsters would hack email accounts, and cheat recipients by all possible means to make remittances. Some victims have suffered significant amount of losses in some cases. You shall be alert to suspicious emails and raise your awareness in preventing this kind of scam, such as taking the initiative to confirm the true identities of recipients by telephone, facsimile or other means before remittances so as to prevent such kind of scam. Please read "Security Measures by Customers" (above) to mitigate the risk of hacking.

Make sure you are connected with Dah Sing Bank, Limited

  • Recently, there are some fraudulent websites that mimics the look of the financial institution's website to capture your usernames, PIN and other personal and confidential banking details. Thus, it is important to make sure that you are connecting with Dah Sing Bank.
  • To stay away from connecting with a fraud website, never access the internet banking accounts through hyperlinks embedded in email, Internet search engines, suspicious pop-up windows or any other doubtful channels to start a DS-Direct session.
  • Customers should connect to a bank website through typing the authentic website address in the address bar of the browser or by bookmarking the genuine website and using that for subsequent access. If customers find the website of the bank suspicious, they should not enter any information (including user ID, password and OTP) to the website and should report to the bank immediately. Always logon directly from your browser or select from your favourite if you have already added DS-Direct Service to your list of favourite internet sites. This will avoid you from being sent to a false site.
  • Remember: No e-mail from Dah Sing Bank will contain a hyperlink to our internet banking logon page.

To ensure that you are connecting with Dah Sing Bank, Limited, look for closed security padlock at the bottom right corner of your Web browser before you enter your User ID and Password or important personal information. A closed security padlock indicates a secure connection. Clicking the closed padlock will show you the digital certificate details.

Sample screen shot of Internet Explorer's certificate for your reference:
Note: After clicking the security padlock and you find the certificate contains any message different from what is illustrated above, please contact Dah Sing Bank, Limited for more information or assistance.

Security Tips for Dah Sing DS-Direct Mobile Banking

Security Tips for Faster Payment Service (FPS)

You shall be responsible for taking the reasonable steps to ensure the safe use of Faster Payment Service (FPS), including:

Internet Privacy Policy Statement

It has been our policy and priority to safeguard any information provided by our customers. We will strictly comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. That means the internationally recognized standards of personal data protection will be followed or even exceeded where possible. It has been our commitment to train and enforce our staff to practise this Privacy Policy.

In visit to our website, we collect no personal data from any customer for only browsing, except updating the statistics on the number of visitors. Throughout the website, only the necessary information for applications / enquiry will be collected, and the customers will be informed of the purposes and uses, retention period, possible transfer and disclosure and the right of access to and correction of the collected information on the respective screens. In order to ensure the security and confidentiality of personal data we collect, encryption techniques have been applied for data transmission. We will not collect any information from customers without notice. In addition, we will not gain access to any personal information stored inside the mobile devices when checking if the mobile devices have been jailbroken.

Once we obtain customer's personal information, only the authorized staff will be permitted to access to that information and it will not be revealed to any external organizations without customer's agreement unless it is required to do so by law. From time to time, we may send promotional materials regarding our products to customers according to the collected information. We will stop sending the materials to customers when they show us their preferences by writing or talking to us.

We use "cookies" as part of our interaction with your browser. "Cookies" is a small bits of information retrieved by this site. We may use this information to measure response rates to banner ads and e-mail offers, and to advise you of products, services, and other marketing materials which we think you may have greatest interest in. If you wish, you can disable these cookies by changing the setting of your browser. However, you will be unable to access certain sites where you will be accessing your confidential account information because cookies are essential part of site administration and security.

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